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A Child's Words of Encouragement

Motivating People With Words From Motivational Kids

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There are numerous inspiring little ones all around the world who are on a mission to change the world. We were all a child at some point. As we grow up we seem to forget about how our lives used to be. Our lives before we we were controlled by our emotions. Our lives before we were brainwashed into thinking that being different for some reason may be a bad thing. We all used to have a certain view of the world and it has most definitely changed as we grew up. This innocent viewpoint we all once held was a special thing to have and most of us would give anything to get it back. But now, as adults, most people are in a completely different place.  It's no longer a place which is full of words of encouragement and devoid of negative opinions, but a place that is tarnished and full of self serving ideas.  

Why is it that children can be much more inspiring than their adult counterparts? How do children inspire us? Some inspiring kids encourage us by way of their actions, and some by way of their sheer determination in the face of struggle. Various young people inspire all of us with true compassion towards people they don't and can't relate with, and others can truly inspire us with nothing more than just their laugh. There are even remarkable kids that put together motivational video messages. These kinds of video recordings have the ability to be shared around the globe in just a couple of short hours thanks to the hundreds of social media outlets that consume our time. These web videos can cause us to sit up an realize that life is too short to hate and it is definitely too short to live an intolerant life. We need to love our neighbor and help one another out through the trials and tribulations we all encounter in life.

We can do this in many ways but none are quicker than listening carefully to the words of encouragement of inspirational kids. Their messages are pure and full of love. They know not the difference between race, gender, and religious affiliation. This is something that is taught. It takes a village to raise a child and as a village we need to be accountable for our actions as well as our inactions. If you hear someone teaching their child intolerance it is your duty to say something and try to save that child from a life of hate and distain. Hopefully we can all learn something from the children we love.